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To add some extra fun to Easter this year, why not turn the same boring old hunt into an Easter treasure hunt? There are numerous ways this can be done, all a lot of fun for the whole family!

Buy larger sized plastic Easter eggs than you would normally use. These can be found in craft stores, dollar stores, and sometimes even in your local grocery store. Different sizes can be found and used in this game, so make sure you buy eggs that will fit the requirements. Use the plastic eggs to fill with items that can be used for ingredients for baking cookies! Of course, you probably will not be able to fill an egg with flour or sugar, but you can use things such as pastel colored candies for baking, sprinkles, decorative icing, and edible decorations. Write down your cookie recipe and cut it into sections, making sure to number each part so you do not forget the order in which they go. Use these cut sections to hide in smaller Easter eggs. Once all of the recipe clues and ingredient items have been found, let the kids do the baking! They should be supervised of course, but let this be their activity and they will have a great time making cookies and being creative. For smaller children, using pre-made or store bought cookie dough may be a better idea, letting them decorate the cookies to their heart’s content.

You might even consider letting the older kids bake clues into the cookies for friends and family who might visit later in the day! Fortune cookie paper can be found in a craft store, and this can be used for writing down clues. For more fun ideas like this, visit and check out their website and software!

Easter is a time for enjoying your family and having fun. Setting up the traditional Easter egg hunt can become boring and routine if you do not spice things up a bit though! Here are some ideas for making the hunt more lively and fun with your family.

Make bunny rabbit footprints! Using colorful paper and a stencil, cut pieces of paper into bunny rabbit foot shapes. Leave the footprints in a trail that will lead the kids to various different prizes, or make the footprints clues themselves! Use the bunny footprints for writing clues as to where a prize can be found. To help you keep the clues appropriate for the age group of your kids, the software at can be used. This software also has tons of great ideas to help you customize your Easter egg hunt. The website can provide you with ideas as well, through their user submitted blogs and activity pages.

Another twist on the bunny footprint idea is to use paint – make sure it is safe (washes off) – and a stencil stamp to simulate bunny footprints on the ground outside. Use different colors to lead to different prizes or clues you have hidden before the hunt starts. The paint and stencil can usually be found in a craft store, and while you are there, you might see some additional items to make the hunt even more fun. See if you can find something to represent little tufts of bunny fur! This is especially exciting to the younger kids, as they will see this and know that they are on the right trail for finding the Easter Bunny’s hidden candy treasure. This fun and unique Easter egg hunt will be one for the whole family to enjoy and remember.

Are you looking for ideas for your young teen groups for your church Easter egg hunt? It can be frustrating trying to come up with new and engaging ideas year after year, however, you can find many great ideas on the Internet. has excellent software that can help you put together an Easter scavenger hunt. The website also has blog posts and helpful tips to further your creative thinking.

An Easter scavenger hunt is a great idea for a younger church youth group. Compose at least two lists of items that are Easter themed, and divide your group into teams and have them set out on their hunt. Each team should keep their lists separate and secret – this way you can have an added twist to the end result. The items that each team will gather can be used together at the end of the hunt for events such as an Easter party, to make gifts for elderly members of the church, or for prizes for the younger children to find as they are hunting.

To make this whole process a nearly effortless one, you should take advantage of the software offered by This software will allow you to fully customize your Easter scavenger hunt. The target age group can be selected, and you will be presented with options appropriate for that age. It will prompt you through creating riddles and clues for your hunt, and also comes pre-loaded with thousands of clues and riddles! All of these, custom or pre-made, can be printed out to give to your scavenger hunting team, leaving less work for you.

By giving the usual and sometimes boring Easter hunt a twist such as this, you will create a memorable event that will be exciting and fun for everyone!

It’s almost time for Easter again! Maybe the kids are entering an older age group this year, and are becoming bored with the same old tradition of hunting eggs. Add some fun options to the hunt and they will get right back into the holiday spirit again.

Instead of filling the little plastic eggs with candy or toys, why not put clues in them, with a “bunny’s lair” full of candy and prizes to be found at the end of the hunt? Include a treat in a few of the eggs to provide some inspiration along the way, but keep the main focus on the clues. These will make the hunt fun and exciting, and build up anticipation for finding the larger prize of goodies at the end. This type of Easter egg hunt will not be forgotten.

Many ideas of how to set up an Easter scavenger hunt can be found on the web, especially on sites such as The software provided on this website will help you plan, organize, and come up with ideas for clues and prizes.

One idea for this is to turn it into an Easter bunny hunt. The Easter bunny could be a large stuffed animal, but it would probably be much more fun and exciting if it were a giant chocolate Easter bunny instead! Make sure the bunny is big enough for all the participants of the hunt to share once it is found, and include a variety of other treats as well. Small toy prizes or token jewelry could be part of this as well.

Visit for more ideas on clues, games, prizes and toys that you can use to customize your Easter hunt this year, and you will create a lasting memory for your family!

Why not do something different with your Easter egg scavenger hunt this year? There are many ideas that can get your creative thinking going and turn this year’s hunt into more than just a game of finding pretty, colorful eggs.

Use food paint or stickers to add letters to the outside of each egg. You can do this randomly, or with specific words in mind. If you choose to go with specific words, it would be best to stick with one egg color so that the game does not turn into one of frustration. The words could spell out a sentence of clues, or a location where some hidden bunny treasure is waiting. Or if you go with random letters, turn it into a contest once all the eggs have been found and award a prize to the egg hunter who can create the most words.

If you need some help coming up with creative, Easter themed words for your egg hunt, why not visit On this website you can view a blog of user submitted ideas, view pages of ideas for different activities, or download the software and use the pre-loaded templates to customize your own game. You can also use the software to create clues, riddles, and other puzzles for the kids to solve.

Another idea to liven up the Easter egg hunt this year is to write secret codes or phrases on small pieces of paper, and include them along with the candy hidden inside of plastic Easter eggs. Hide small prizes nearby, and use the slips of paper to reference clues to finding that prize. Or just put sweet little sayings that your kids will remember and cherish; something as simple as “I love you, you’re great!” will brighten their day.

I occasionally get asked by people how to use Riddle Me to create a fun Easter activity. Here’s a few ideas.

Once your children reach a certain age, the traditional method of hunting colorful eggs in the yard or house might not be enough to keep their attention anymore. To bring the fun back and keep them in the Easter spirit, add some fun Easter egg hunt activities. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Have an Easter egg spoon race! These are always fun, no matter what time of the year it is. Use colorful plastic spoons and real eggs, boiled of course. If the eggs are dyed in the traditional Easter fashion this will be an even more fun activity. Designate an area in the yard for the race, marking a start line and a finish line. Have different prizes ready for the first, second, and third children crossing the finish lines. Have consolation prizes ready for any who do not make these places, so they do not feel sad or left out.

Alternatively, you could turn this race into a “nose race”. Instead of racing across a finish line with eggs on a spoon, have the kids push the eggs across the line using their noses! This silly activity will get your kids laughing for sure.

Turn egg hunting into a game of tag – each time someone finds an egg, they are “it” and must tap someone else so that they become “it” but here is the catch: They have to hop like a bunny to do this!

For more ideas on Easter egg hunt activities, visit and see what great ideas you can find on their website. also has software available for download that you can use to customize your games with clues and riddles and other ideas to make your Easter egg hunt fun and exciting.

Planning an Easter egg hunt for your family can be fun and easy. There are many different variations on this game you can use to keep it interesting and fun for everyone no matter the age range.

Some fun ideas include:

  • Use plastic eggs, so at the end you can put all the eggs in a piñata. The child who has the hit that breaks it open can win a special prize.
  • Write different letters on each egg so the children can make words after they have collected all the eggs. The one that makes the most words wins a prize.
  • If you have a large family with a large age range of children, try designating different colored eggs to specific age ranges so that the younger children have a fair chance at finding plenty of eggs.
  • When using plastic eggs, besides filling them with candy put different coupons in some of them as well. Ideas for the coupons could include:

–       Going for ice cream with Mom or Dad

–       Extra time doing an activity they enjoy (something that is usually a privilege or limited)

–       Having one exemption of a chore of their choice

–       Getting to pick a movie on movie night

–       Extra one on one time with Mom or Dad

Other Tips:

When planning the hunt, remember to record how many eggs you have hidden to make sure all the eggs are found, especially if you are using real eggs! A map helps with this as well. Set clear boundaries in your yard, etc. so that the hunt remains safe at all times. Above all, remember to keep it simple so Mom and Dad can have fun too!

Instead of the traditional Easter egg scavenger hunt this year, why not try a scavenger hunt with your family? Scavenger hunts can be a fun way to get everyone engaged in an activity where they need to work together. And there are many different ways of doing it.

First, if you have a larger family, divide everyone up into teams. Let each team choose a name for their group. If you have a big range of ages, divide the teams up according to age groups as well so you can have easier hints for the younger children and more difficult ones for the older children.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas:

  • Use different colored eggs to put the clues in, and list the order in which the colors need to be found in the hunt instructions.
  • Use riddles for all the clues to insure the game is more fun and interesting.
  • Take photos of things around your house for the “clues” and have one clue leading to the next one until they reach the prize or basket at the end.
  • For young children learning to read, you can put Easter-related words in each colored egg. The word will lead them to the next egg/word and so on until they reach the end prize.
  • Before you start the hunt, you can have each child decorate their own Easter bag made out of paper lunch bags to collect clues in. Use markers, crayons, stickers, etc. to decorate the bags.

Give everyone a prize at the end and not just the grand prize for the winners. Remember, keep the boundaries clear before everyone starts to keep all involved safe and give each child a map of the property to help with finding the next clue.

Click here for more Easter egg scavenger hunt ideas.

In addition to scavenger hunting for Easter eggs, you can plan all kinds of other activities this Easter for your children to enjoy. Planning different activities to do together as a family is a great way to bring everyone together, especially during the holiday.

Kids love being in the kitchen with you. Planning a few simple recipes you can do together is sure to be a big hit.

  • Standard Sugar Cookies -use different Easter themed cookie cutters to cut out shapes, and decorate them with icing and sprinkles. Kids love painting the icing on with clean, small paintbrushes!
  • Bunny cake- Using two layers of a round cake, use one for the head, and another to cut out ears and a bowtie, then frost and decorate with things like coconut for fur, jellybeans for eyes and nose, and string licorice for the whiskers. Dye coconut to make the inside of the ears pink and dye extra coconut green to use as grass around the whole cake.

Other ideas include:

  • Have the kids decorate their own Easter basket which gives them the chance to have a personalized basket for all their goodies.
  • You can find all sorts of puzzles, riddles, and games that are printable on the internet (one really popular one right here-see the testimonials). You can even find themed coloring pages for the younger children (or the young at heart)!
  • Have the kids make cards for each other from scratch.

These are just a few ideas, but there are many more out there that are great for family fun. You are sure to find ones that everyone will really enjoy and remember as you spend the holiday together.

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