scavenger hunt for valentines dayValentines day is an exciting event for children. As a parent, you want to create memories which will remain in the heart of your special, little Valentine forever.  Creating exceptional Valentine’s Day memories is an easy task with Riddle Me Scavenger and Treasure Hunt Party Software. This software will allow you to easily design an unique Valentines day scavenger hunt, which is tailored to the likes of your individual child or children.  The process is easy.  You simply select the child’s age group.  Next, choose hiding areas from a list of household objects.  Presto!  The Riddle Me software will then print a fun set of rhyming clues for your child to follow.  Below are some ideas for exciting Valentine’s day scavenger hunt games which you may create.

If your child enjoys baking cookies you may elect to hide ingredients throughout the house.  Use your Riddle Me software to print entertaining clues for he or she to follow.  Each clue they solve will lead them to a cookie ingredient.  Once all the ingredients have been found, the two of you can spend quality time baking Valentines Day cookies.  This is a memory that both of you will always treasure.

If your little Valentine is artistic, then it may be fun to hide art supplies in different locations. For example, you may hide a set of markers behind the book shelf in the den, glitter pens under the sofa, a pack of construction paper in the hallway trunk, scissors beneath your office desk, and glue in the kitchen cabinet.  Now, use the Riddle Me software to print rhyming hints to each object. You have just created a Valentines day scavenger hunt. Upon finding all the art supplies, you may spend the afternoon making valentines day cards for all your friends, and loved ones.  To add to the spirit of love which this traditional day brings, you may opt to make Valentines for patients at a local nursing home.  The patients will be delighted to receive these cards, and your child will learn the importance of giving.  You have received a double reward.  You and your child have created a special memory, and you have bought a smile to those who may be alone on this special day.

This game is good for dads as well as moms.  If your little one has been asking you to play ball with them, this may be a good time to oblige.  Consider using the Riddle Me software to print clues.  You may hide a ball under the back steps, a bat in the garage, a glove in the basement, and a catcher mitt under the bed.  After the equipment has been found, the two of you can play ball.

These are the types of memories that will last for an enite life time.  These Valentines day scavenger hunts are uniquely entertaining, and will give them something to tell all their friends about.  You may visit the Riddle Me site at .  Spend some time looking over the site.  If you should decide to give the program a try, you will be delighted with the results it renders.  As well, your heart will be warmed with the wideness of your child’s smile as he or she excitedly runs about the house gathering clues.

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