Spring is a great time for getting outdoors and enjoying everything nature has to offer. Plants are in bloom, animals and insects are coming out to explore, and new life can be found just about anywhere. Taking a trip to the forest can be a fun and educational experience that the entire family can enjoy. Just don’t forget the bug spray!

Turning your forest nature adventure into a scavenger hunt is one way to add extra fun to your outdoor activities. Look for different types of rocks, petrified wood, certain colors of flowers, and also mushrooms and moss growing in the darker, damp areas of the wood.

Bugs are a great thing to hunt for as well, even if your kids are not fond of them. The wonder of discovering something new may just help them get over any fear they may have. Butterflies, beetles, grubs, and worms can all be sources of new discoveries and learning. Small animals such as lizards, geckos, skinks, and salamanders are also awesome discoveries. Make sure you take along a nature guide book and avoid anything that may be poisonous.

In some areas, you may even find items such as arrowheads! These can often be found in wooded areas, and make a great teaching tool to get kids to listen and learn about history. If you need more ideas for your scavenger hunt in nature, visit www.RiddleMe.net and download the software. You can also create maps, lists of clues for finding different items, creatures, or insects, all customized exactly the way you want.

Later in the summer, a scavenger hunt in the forest can be done during the later evening hours, and you will see many wonders such as fireflies, grubs under logs with luminescent properties, and insects that only come out at night. This can be very exciting for the whole family!

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