Treasure hunts can be made as simple or as difficult as the planner wants to make them.  Parents know that there is no right answers either to how long, or how difficult the treasure hunt has to be to create fun and excitement.  Some good rules of thumb are:

1)      The younger the children doing the treasure hunt means shorter periods of time to finding the price should be created.

2)      Younger children will require the help of the parent or sibling to be able to effectively participate in the treasure hunt.

3)      Younger children will require more numerous and easier clues to help them find their way to the hidden treasure.

4)      Older children will be more thrilled with harder treasure hunt clues and longer periods of time to find the hidden treasure.

Length of time the treasure hunt will last is important.  Another important element of a successful treasure hunt is the quality can quantity of the clues.

If parents can find good solid sample treasure hunt clues it will help them provide the tools for their children to enjoy the treasure hunt to the greatest extent.  Hiding the treasure is really the easy part.  Clue and hint creation is much more difficult.

Going online to find good sample treasure hunt clues is the smartest and quickest action parents can take in finding good clues to create.  Sample treasure hunt clues are often divided by age group, difficulty, and trickery.  It is, also, good to get suggestions with how many clues you will need to aid in any given treasure hunt.  The more extensive the treasure hunt becomes will require a larger number of clues.

Seek out sample treasure hunt clues that have been tested and known to work.  The children will be less frustrated and you, the parent, will be much happier. To see a lot of satisfied parents, check out the Riddle Me testimonials here.

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