There is a mystery to be solved. Who took the piece of the cake? And what room did they eat it in? Was it Mrs. Peacock in the bedroom? Or Mr. Mustard in the kitchen?
Choose the items for the children to look for from the Riddle Me home inventory list.
Give each child a printed page of all the Riddles Me clues (but blank out the locations above each clue). They should each have the same ones.
Let them choose which place they want to look and in what order.
They will be looking for a clue to help them figure out who it was and where.
In each location, you could hide a puzzle piece to a puzzle that once they put it together would give them the answer.
Or, they could find a paper with a letter on it which they could write down. Once they find all the clues, they can unscramble the letters to spell the answer to the mystery.

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