What is Riddle Me?  Riddle Me is instant fun for families who want a brain engaging non-computer activity for a party, holiday, or rainy day.  Our software contains 7,500 age-specific riddles on 1,000 household objects and all you have to do is click a few buttons and print out the clues and tape them where the printout says to.

Treasure Hunt Sample Puzzle

Treasure Hunt Sample Puzzle

This blog site is intended for current users to pick up ideas on using this scavenger hunt software. If you haven’t purchased it yet, feel free to browse this site all you want, but for information on the product, click this link to go to the main product site:

Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt Software


“I have used your software for at least 3 years now – each Easter.   I love all the changes you’ve made!  It was easy before but now it’s even better!  I’m spreading the word!” -Sharon C., Olathe, Kansas

“My family and I REALLY REALLY enjoy this program.  It’s one of the best purchases EVER!!!!” -Charles, Kelly, Melanie and Matthieu L., Limoges (Ontario)

By the way, thank you so much for your software and all the updates. I absoluetely LOVE this product. The best 20 dollars I have spent! Thank you so much!!!!  -Tamara S., St George, Utah

3 Responses to “What is Riddle Me?”

  • Brenda Wells:

    I purchased Riddle Me last year and had such fun at Christmas. Our grandchildren still rave about the fun we had. It is hard to impress teenagers these days but with your help, ours were super impressed. Thanks so much for your program and your blog.

  • Kym Carter:

    I want to do a scavenger hunt for my husband to all the places that are special to us: where we met, our first date, where I fell in love with him, where he proposed, where we got married… clues with mementos… I saw your website, how could your program help me?

  • Oak:

    Riddle Me isn’t really designed to be used in this manner right out of the box since it won’t have clues for various places you may want to go to, but it would let you create your own hunt, insert the clues to these locations and then print out the hunt for you.

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